Digipath is an interactive learning game aimed at migrants and TCNs (Third-Country Nationals), helping them to learn how to access local services and gain employment.

You play the character Digi, exploring a neon city and learning the steps needed to apply for a job with the Labour Agency. Digi goes through the process by visiting several locations and asking different characters for advice on how to accomplish this goal.

Where can I play the game?

There are several ways you can play. If you’re on a desktop you can play in the browser, if you’re on a mobile phone download the game from the Apple App Store or Google Play store for the best experience.

About the game

Choose 2 characters to play with

Explore a neon city & Solve puzzles

Use the in-game phone to navigate and save/load progress

Speak with in-game characters to get useful information


Stuck or having problems with the game? Please see our support section:


Useful Links

During the game several links are shown in each region. You can find a list of all the links here:

Cyprus Region

Germany Region

Greece Region

Teaser Trailer

Download source code

You can download the game and run the source code on your own website or server here.
Please add a link back to the Digipath website when using on your own website.

Download source